Unlike private housing, where the landlord is responsible for almost all of the repair and maintenance within and around a property (unless agreed otherwise), the responsibilities for a commercial tenant can differ greatly.

When taking on a commercial property it’s important to understand your responsibility regarding repair and maintenance of the building you are renting. This is essential to keep your business operational and to adhere to any agreement you have in place with the owner of the property. This division of maintenance responsibility is laid out in your property lease and for this reason, it’s crucial you check the details before you sign on the dotted line.

Things to check;

  • What your liability for repairs currently needing to be done are
  • What your liability for future repairs will be
  • Consider requesting a professional survey and insisting on alterations and repairs before signing
  • Check if you are responsible for refurbishing or reinstating the property to it’s original condition (either before you move in or when you move out)

This could cover issues with roofing, guttering, cladding or general maintenance.

All of these points are crucial so that you don’t end up with unjustified demands from the premises landlord further down the road. Outside of these lease conditions, you will also be responsible for;

  • Fire safety
  • Electrical equipment safety (even if it came with the property)
  • Gas safety
  • Abestos issues and management (if relevant)
  • Maintaining a reasonable temperature inside the building (both occupied and unoccupied to prevent damp damage, etc)
  • Ensuring adequate space and ventilation
  • Ensuring toilets and bathroom facilities are up to standard and maintained
  • Adequate drinking water
  • Ensuring equipment is safe
  • This list is not exhaustive, and you can find out more in the Health and Safety Executives ‘Workplace health, safety and welfare‘ guide.

    If you’re in need of maintenance on your commercial property, then get in touch with us today.