Sometimes nothing is more crucial to the operation of your business than the space you choose to locate yourself. Now of course, the location of your business can be critical to ensuring you’re getting the right customers and have the visibility you need, but there’s also the space and facilities within the building itself.

Here’s a few questions you might want to ask yourself;

Does Your Workspace Send the Right Signals?

This can be especially important if you have clients visit your site. If you’re promoting a large industrial outfit but your premises is poky, filled with dirty equipment and lacking storage facilities this may make the wrong initial impression.

This is important for both clients and your staff. If your staff feeling like they’re working in a place which is going places, which has the room to expand and is equipped for the task in hand, then they’ll be more motivated to work.

Shared Space

Is your work area shared? Or are you in close proximity with neighbours?

If you’re operating heavy equipment and machinery at all hours then considering your neighbours may be important. If you’re looking to save costs and obtain a shared workplace then you need to make sure that you’re happy with the businesses you’re looking to share with, and ultimately that they are happy with you. It’s also worth checking the rental documentation to know your tenant responsibilities in this situation.

How Secure is the Site?

If you’re storing expensive equipment on site, then you should ensure that the area and indeed, the building you’re looking at, are in a good location and equipped to deal with break ins and troublesome situations.

How Secure is the Lease?

Turning to the administration side of things, you need to ensure that your landlord can’t kick you out at a second’s notice and place a different company in your place. That really has the tendency to give you a bad day. You should check all documentation and responsibilities very carefully before signing or getting on board with a premises.

Can you Build on a Trusted Reputation?

Having a full and listed business address can be crucial in helping new (and existing) customers to find your business. Even in the digital world of today; it’s important to show your business address in order to build trust with your customer base.

Have you ever visited a website, gone to their contact page, to find a contact form and can find no information about where that company is based. That’s a really off-putting situation from a trust point of view.